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Restoring Trust and Building Community

Public education is a community partnership, built on a foundation of trust and respect between schools and the families they serve. Parents and caregivers are essential partners in education. Our teachers, support staff, administrators, and Superintendent need the community’s engagement and support to create a safe, nurturing learning environment for all students to achieve the highest academic success. 

  • As a Governing Board Member, I will work to build trust and transparency between all stakeholders, employing active listening and effective communication skills to foster a more respectful environment for the sake of our entire SUSD community. 
  • We must set high expectations of students, teachers, and administrators, and provide the resources and support needed to reach those expectations.

Support of Public Education

Arizona’s school voucher program allows the use of public tax dollars to be spent on private and parochial school tuition. These voucher programs continue to expand against the will of Arizona voters, siphoning taxpayer dollars and students away from our neighborhood schools. Nationally, Arizona now ranks at the bottom in per pupil funding of our district schools, resulting in overcrowded classrooms and underpaid and overworked educators. Despite these challenges, SUSD continues to provide students with outstanding educational and extra-curricular opportunities that can’t be matched by other alternatives. 

  • As a Governing Board Member, I will advocate for adequate funding for our district schools at the State level and oppose policies that are detrimental to students, educators, and our public schools.
  • The key to improving students' academic performance lies in attracting and retaining highly-effective, certified teachers. I will value and respect our staff, giving them every support possible so they may deliver the quality education every student in our district deserves. 
  • We must focus on increased growth and community partnership opportunities for all SUSD Learning Communities, positioning SUSD as the best choice for families. 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Every child enters the classroom carrying more weight than the books on their backs. Stressful, adverse experiences - bullying, financial hardship, exposure to violence to name just a few - have an adverse effect on learning. Trusted, caring adults who see the possibility in every child can make all the difference in helping them to succeed. We must embrace our differences and demonstrate empathy, tolerance and respect for all.  

  • As a Governing Board Member, I will work to ensure every student in the district has equal access to programs and extra-curricular activities.
  • We must foster an environment in which all students and staff are valued and respected.


I am running to make a difference in the lives of our 22,000 students.

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